About Mindgrub

An inventive force

Why call us Mindgrub?

We are driven by a constant hunger for knowledge and innovation. Mindgrub was founded in 2002 by a teacher-turned-technologist, and since then we have devoured every project to come across our plate.

We are a team that solves client challenges by harnessing the newest technologies. We are not here to churn out code and pixels, we are here to pioneer new methods of learning and user interaction. You can see us leading the way at conferences like SXSW, TEDx, and NAB.

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The team

President & CEO
Chief Operations Officer
Chief Technology Officer
Steve Promisloff
Senior Vice President - Marketing
Vincent Sharps
Vice President
Mark Mirchandani
Senior Solution Architect
Leah Vogely
Creative Strategy Director
Rob Rhinehart
Brand & Web Design Director
Jonalyne Walker
Human Resources Manager
​Barb Herndon
​Executive Assistant
Aaron Bickoff
Assoc. Director Operations & Senior Project Manager
Chris Kidd
User Experience Director
Karen Landry
Projects Director
Laura Gousha
Engagement Director
Wade Pupek
Digital Marketing Director
Michael Pierson
Accounting & Office Manager
John Busteed
Senior Project Manager
Michael Wirt
Senior Project Manager
Jeannie McCullough
Senior Project Manager
Patrick Staso
Project Manager
Stephanie Stevens
Project Manager
​Paige Peterson
Project Manager
Liam Wade
Quality Assurance Manager
Kelly Brown
​Internal Marketing Manager
Darya Slobodyanik
Frontend Team Lead
Lynn Klunk
Design Lead
Shannon Hosmer
UX Architect Lead
Brian Thompson
Lead Software Engineer
David Wikoff
Lead Software Engineer
Steve Morton
Website Development Lead
​Alex Rennie
Design Lead
Matt Stanford
Senior Software Engineer
Thomas Evans
IT Engineer
David Flickinger
Graphic Designer
Kenny Roethel
Mobile Technical Architect
William Cooper
User Experience Architect
Mark Millford
Software Engineer
Hank McLaughlin
Senior Software Engineer
Jason Charlton
Software Engineer
Danny Bouman
Software Engineer
Justin Ermer
Software Engineer
Dan Jorquera
Gaming Software Engineer
Robert Koch
Software Engineer
Colleen Wynn
Creative Strategist
Joseph Ezeh
Quality Assurance Tester
Joseph Condon
Software Engineer
Sam Francis
Software Engineer
Meredith Walter
Digital Marketing Analyst
Taylor Kurtz
Junior Graphic Designer
James Corrao
Software Engineer
​Mimi Kim
Website Developer
Eskender McCoy
Sales Support Analyst
Jessica Georg
Quality Assurance Tester
Chris-Anne Correa
Associate UX/IA
Jeremy Kliphouse
Associate Software Engineer
Mariko Sakemi
Associate Designer
Morgan Scheuerman
Digital Marketing Associate
​Leah Conigland
Associate Front-End Engineer
​Alex Jerome
Marketing Associate
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