How Android 6.0 Marshmallow Affects Your Company’s Mobile Apps

Google started rolling out updates for the Android 6.0 Marshmallow operating system (OS) in October of last year. While Nexus was the first to receive the update, many devices are scheduled to receivethe update in the near future, making it important for companies to get familiar with its new features and potential opportunities for their users.

New Features of Marshmallow New features for Android 6.0

Marshmallow present developers with exciting ways to enhance their existing apps. Here are some of the features that could be beneficial to your company’s app:

Android Pay

Android Pay works much like iOS’s Apple Pay, allowing users to store debit and credit card information on their mobile devices. This allows placement of wireless payments quickly and securely, with just the tap of a finger. This opens up great opportunities for companies to market their app, as well as input microtransactions within the app. Users can now easily make regular payments in their favorite game apps, or order something through a shopping app without the hassle of entering their Credit Card information every time.

Voice Actions

Google Voice Actions allow users to operate an app using voice commands. Action commands will lead users directly to your app and allow them to interact with it more easily. For example, if you have a music app, users could use voice commands to open it and play a specific song.

App Linking

Updates to Android’s app linking feature allows companies to make sure their app will always handle links to their own domains without persistent prompts from system asking to set defaults each time. Now when a user clicks a link to a company’s domain, it won’t prompt them continuously whether they want to open it in a browser or another app.

Direct Share

Direct Share allows users to share content to other users from within an app, such as users sharing content directly to a friend from your app to a social media app. This allows much more seamless sharing from user to user in helping content (and your application) go viral. You can allow users to share progress on your workout directly to their contacts, or their new high score on a game.

Bluetooth Stylus Support

Apps can be optimized to work with Bluetooth Stylus Support, so when users pair a Bluetooth stylus, your app will recognize button inputs from the stylus. The Marshmallow OS handles the pressure sensitivity for you, allowing for more complex software interactions. This could be beneficial to users looking for cross-software design opportunities, or those who taking notes at work or school.

Improved Bluetooth Low Energy Scanning

Marshmallow has improved the way apps scan for BLE devices, making it more power efficient. Power efficiency is important to the Internet of Things, as users increasingly have multiple devices that pair with BLE and it can eat up battery life.

Not Updating Your Apps Can Be a Missed Opportunity

Although many devices have just updated to Marshmallow’s predecessor, Lollipop, it is important for companies to prepare. As users update their devices, apps must be updated alongside them. Furthermore, as certain operating systems become even older, it also becomes necessary to consider which systems are even worth developing for anymore. Not updating existing apps for a new OS is a missed opportunity to engage new clients or companies. At some point, these apps become buggy, unresponsive, and will no longer work at all. Updating apps to harness a new operating system’s features will create a better experience for users and open the app up to a wider audience base as devices move through updates. Harnessing Marshmallow’s Updates for Your Company App Android’s Marshmallow update offers an array of great opportunities to improve a company’s existing apps. Not only will they run more smoothly with the new OS, but these new features provide ample opportunities to create a new and improved user experience.

If you need help brainstorming how to update or optimize your app for Android 6.0 Marshmallow, contact us. We’re here to help!