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Mindgrub’s ping pong app might be the secret to success

It’s more than just a game

Walk down the hall at the Mindgrub office and you may hear the sound of tiny plastic balls bouncing between paddles. Pop your head into the game room and see project managers, designers, engineers, or even the CEO and COO dueling it out over a heated ping pong match.

How Wearable Tech is Shaping the Future of Athletes Everywhere

Last month, Mindgrub hosted the Chesapeake Regional Tech Council's Emerging Tech Forum. The event featured lightning talks and a panel discussion on wearable tech, with representatives from Under Armour, CoreSyte, Plantronics and MilestonePod. Event attendees learned about the recent wearable product advancements happening at these regional companies.

Patch Early, Update Often: Keeping Your Drupal Website Safe From Hackers


Like any piece of software, it is critical to stay on top of security and maintenance for your content management system. Leading open source content management systems, like Drupal, Wordpress or Joomla, all have dedicated security teams responsible for maintaining a secure and viable application for their users. But regardless of the extensive measures taken, security issues are inevitable.

Why Drupal 8 is changing the way we make websites

The long-anticipated release of the Drupal 8 beta has arrived. The bugs discovered throughout the alpha testing have been worked out and modules are now starting to be ported to the new release. Our developers have been anticipating this release for quite some time, even before they attended Drupalcon Austin back in June. We have contributed many patches, a few modules, and have built countless websites with Drupal. The beta of Drupal 8 has captured our attention over the past few months, so we wanted to share the reasons why.

7 Things Everyone Should Know About Beacons

1. Beacons are super cool

Beacons are wireless devices that transmit radio signals to your device. This is a fancy way of saying that these radio signals, or Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), can prompt messages on your device.

Reduce Your Customer Support Cost with a Mobile App

Customer support has long been equated with endless phone calls and a pounding headache. Many businesses tout their customer support as being top priority, but that is not always the case.

Top 3 Reasons Responsive Web Design is the Right Move for Mobile

Back when I was in college, the Mosaic web browser was huge. It revolutionized the way in which web pages were presented, becoming the first popular graphical web browser that also incorporated images into the body of the web page. Although its popularity was eclipsed by Netscape a few years later, Mosaic had taken a very important step in changing the way people shared information online.

Wearable Tech, Connected Cars, the Internet of Things and Other Highlights from CES 2014
This was the first year I had the opportunity to go to CES.  We have recently been doing a lot of development for Google Glasses and signed up for CES thinking they might be showing the latest and greatest there.  Google themselves was a no-show and we’ll have to wait for Google IO to know what is coming out next, but there were droves of people walking around with their Glasses on.
The EdTech Journey to ETIS13

In 1998, my first year teaching High School Mathematics, I spent most of my time lecturing on the chalkboard and having students practice textbook based drills.  The first web browser, Netscape Navigator, came out 3 years earlier when I was a sophomore in college and by senior year the invention of Internet Explorer started an all-out browser war.  It has been another decade since that time and a majority of classrooms still do not have computers, and go so far as to ban smartphones and access to the internet.  Classrooms have remained largely unchanged for the past 150 years.

6 Steps to Mobile App Success

I started growing Mindgrub in 2007 from my basement in Baltimore, when the iPhone was first released.  Since that time we have grown to 50 employees, made over 75 Apps for iPhone, Android, Blackberry and Windows, and learned a tremendous amount along the way.  In the early years, putting a cool app in the store was all you needed to do.  But now with Millions of apps available for download,


A new breed of agency

Mindgrub combines creative and technical expertise.  We're visionaries and workhorses, dreamers and doers.  We find and implement solutions for any enterprise striving to thrive on the cutting edge.

...and a new player in gaming.

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