Culture Fuels Product

Purpose Drives Culture and Culture Fuels Product

As touched on in my recent ”Rogue One” piece, successful culture starts with a clear purpose. Everyone should receive regular communication about the purpose. Leadership should regularly show it, and everyone should practice it, day in and out. When executed strategically, this practice will transform into a strong company culture.

This culture can weave itself into the fabric of the business so much so that it becomes indistinguishable from the enterprise.

How you feel about an organization reflects its culture. And when you come in contact with a palpable culture, you associate it with its organization right away. This strength has the power to fuel innovation. Production of quality products requires regular innovation. When the purpose of the organization is clear and the culture is favorable to innovation, the result is company-wide support for new products. This strength will be reflected everywhere in the company. Strong purpose drives culture and culture fuels product.

Three Companies with a Successful Culture

Some companies have cultures that are considered iconic like the products they represent. You will notice that these companies do not need an introduction nor do their products. Their products speak for themselves. While these companies have great products, it’s interesting to note how company culture shines through. Their company culture is almost a separate product that each client receives on top of the product or service that was sold.


Google's organizational culture is widely known and in some cases, so attractive that startups have been known to model some of their employee perks and benefits from it. Google’s culture is considered the gold standard for the industry, and their staff is known as the highest in their class. Employees enjoy many perks which include free food, financial bonuses and open access to high-level executives. Communication of the culture starts in the hiring process and can be seen threaded through each area of the organization. Google's culture supports innovation which thereby, leads to progress. Consumers enjoy that successful innovation daily through their products and services.


Like Google, Facebook needs no introduction. While younger than Google, the massive growth of this social media giant directly connects to innovation supported by a solid culture. Like the culture at Google, Facebook's culture is unique and well known across the industry. Employees also have access to free food, great benefits, financial bonuses and open access to high-level executives. Moreover, many people across the globe witness Facebook’s innovation in their products every day.


Zappos has become synonymous with great products and spectacular service. Their take on company culture is, “when you get the company culture right, great customer service and a great brand will happen on its own.” From the time a person begins the interview process through training and beyond, Zappos communicates their culture. Their focus on the importance of company culture is visible in everything from team building to customer interaction, employee benefits and incentives. The employee incentive program is based on skills and performance. Employees go on to produce some of the best products and customer services in their industry.

The Strong Culture at Mindgrub

Success is the obvious focus here at Mindgrub. Mindgrub designs each application with a focus on user experience, which leads to client and employee success. Mindgrub’s genuine interest in the betterment of the community has resulted in greater connections between the community and our employees. This community presence and our work with nonprofits has resulted in our staff being affectionately named Mindgrubbers. While we focus on our customers and end users, we place the same emphasis on employees and culture.

Our products show our focus on technical and creative quality, while our employees echo our strong culture. Our culture has led to many awards, including:

While we take pride in the awards we have received, we also take great pride in our culture because that’s what fuels our products.

Along with our awards, we are 10% under industry standard for employee turnover. We also maintain an extensive intern program and a flexible work environment. Mindgrub staff has open communication with senior leadership on a regular basis. Company dialogue matches what we do, and our environment displays that.

Our Culture is Expanding!

Mindgrub will soon be expanding to Charlotte, N.C. We are excited to introduce the Mindgrub culture and ideology to the Charlotte area. While we have offices in cities like Washington D.C., Philadelphia and New York, the similarities to Baltimore make Charlotte the perfect place for our Mindgrubbers to expand.

For more information on Mindgrub’s unique culture or to meet with a member of our digital innovation team, contact us here!