First Watch Problems: My Journey From Classic to Tech Wearable + Why I Rock Both

Earlier this year, Mindgrub’s COO, Dan Cohen, was kind enough to bestow me with an Apple Watch. Before this, I was using a Fitbit that I won as a door prize at Riot Color's open house at their new state of the art facility outside of New York City. There is an ever so small chance that my enthusiasm for this Fitbit may not have been befitting. You see, at Mindgrub, we develop apps for the Apple Watch. Years ago, Mindgrub saw the potential mounting in the wearables market. We responded by building apps for smartwatches. We have worked with products like Android Wear, the Apple Watch, and other popular fitness wristbands.  

To say I was appreciative and grateful for this gift is an understatement.

I can trace my love of watches all the way back to my late teen years. My father, a retired Air Force Officer turned Entrepreneur, passed down my first luxury watch. It was a Tag Hauer timepiece. Tag Hauer is a Switzerland company with roots that go as far back as the 1800s. They built up a legacy as a luxury brand. I return to this piece again and again for its luxury, quality, durability, and, of course, the connection to my father. While I credit my father for this early introduction, my love for luxury timepieces grew as time went on. It is even safe to say that today, I have a borderline unhealthy watch fixation and fully own this fact.

So, I took on the work of incorporating the Apple Watch into my life, and I am better for it. This task was both important and valuable to me because of our company's history with the Apple Watch and my long-standing watch obsession.

As determined as I was to welcome the Apple Watch into my collection, my efforts were further complicated by my new Pandora watch. I had recently become particularly fond of the stainless steel PANDORA watches for their simplistic elegance yet rugged masculinity. Once I began to wear my Apple Watch, I began to feel like I was cheating on PANDORA. I found balance by swapping it out for more formal occasions. This way, I was able to take advantage of the many apps on the Apple watch while still giving enough attention to my prized PANDORA watch. 

The Apple Watch has a long list of amazing features. I particularly like the Apple Watch for the fitness tracking because it takes health monitoring to the next level. The stand, move, exercise alerts help me break down my movement in different areas throughout the day instead of simply tracking steps. It even allows me access to apps that I am familiar with while still using the alerts to track my daily progress. Now, instead of a simple step goal, I have a goal to close each of these alerts every time I wear the watch. It helps me maintain a healthier lifestyle. 

I am also particularly fond of the Apple Watch screen's resistance to sun glare. As an avid golfer, I enjoy the yardage tracking on the course. It makes me wonder how I ever got along without it!

It is safe to say that the Apple Watch is not giving timepieces like Tag Hauer and PANDORA a run for their money. While the Apple Watch will not replace these luxury watches, I argue that it is in a class of its own. It is a device with many useful features. When you make an effort to work it into your daily life, it can make life easier no matter what you are currently wearing. I do believe that there is space for both luxury brands and wearables like the Apple Watch on your shelf.  

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