Using Efficiency Currency™ to Have Balance and Fulfillment in an Ever-Changing Working World

At Mindgrub, we work at the intersection of technology and efficient, creative communication. Our products and services are shaping the landscape of many emerging and well-established industries. Not surprisingly, we find ourselves involved in conversations about the nature of work in this digital age, and we know that our team’s innovation and adaptability will be crucial to our success.

With that in mind, Vice President at Mindgrub, Vince Sharps, weighs in with his thoughts on a working style that he has found to be efficient and that ultimately leads to increased balance in an ever-evolving working age.

What is Efficiency Currency™?

“Lack of direction, not lack of time, is the problem. We all have 24 hour days.” – Zig Ziglar

Efficiency Currency™ is the productivity that occurs when you complete a high-value goal while wasting the least amount of time and resources.

There are four steps to Efficiency Currency™:

  • Clarify your goals
  • Assign a value of importance to each goal
  • Identify the steps necessary to achieve each high-value goal
  • Work on the important and high-value items

The catalyst to Efficiency Currency™ is clarity. Being clear on which goals you take on and when is absolutely vital. As leaders, there is always something pulling at your time and attention. Clarity leads to agility in decision-making and allows you to make big decisions ahead of time and with clear parameters in mind. This kind of simplicity, combined with consistent action on high-value items, will bring you and your organization closer to reaching your goals.

Efficiency Currency™ is the opposite of useless busyness. Busy and productive are not the same thing, and the steps of the Efficiency Currency™ model allow us to achieve our highest levels of productivity.

Identifying Where to Spend Efficiency Currency™

If clarity is the catalyst to Efficiency Currency™, then your goals are the fuel. To this end, the process of identifying which goals to pursue is critical. This is a very personal process for each individual and organization and will be governed by an array of factors. Taking time to develop and refine these goals is well worth it. You might also seek the counsel of trusted advisers, friends, and colleagues. It is possible to work and live in isolation, but we often find that seeking the advice and direction of others we trust makes the journey richer.

Once you identify and assign values of importance to key goals, it often helps to define short and long-term markers of success, effectively breaking the goals into more manageable pieces. With these in mind, we can begin assigning values of importance to the steps needed to reach each marker. This is where Efficiency Currency™ really kicks into gear and allows us to organize and maximize our time. 

Focused Action Leads to Sustained Results

Once we have identified the goals that are most important to our personal and professional missions, it is time to assign values of importance to the steps required to reach these goals. The activities associated with each goal are the cogs that turn the wheels of Efficiency Currency™. Being clear on the associated activities and how we will go about performing them allows us to focus our working life in a way that is in line with our mission. When identifying these activities and assigning value to them, it is important to consider many factors, including time needed to complete them and how each activity works together with the other ones on your plate. Reconciling associated activities for each high-value goal in a way that is focused and complementary frees you up to work with passion and direction.

The mindset we employ towards each of our goals will be the primary determining factor in accomplishing them or not. Are you clear on the “why” for each goal and the impact that achieving it will have? Do you approach the steps required to achieve each goal with focus and clarity? Having clear answers to questions like this removes much of the distraction that often holds us back.

Get. It. Done.

If you have gotten this far in the process, you have reached the simple part. There is only one thing left to do – get it done.

Take deliberate and consistent action every day. Every task related to a high-value goal takes priority over everything. Period. These are things we cannot be too busy to get done.

We must aim to accomplish these tasks with the least amount of expenditure, assets, resources, and time. Focused action on high-value goals leads to high return on investment and a clarity about what it is we decide to take on next.

Efficiency Currency™ Leads to Balance

Spending Efficiency Currency™ wisely becomes a cycle that leads to productivity, and ultimately, balance. The old adage that we should work smarter, not longer, might be overused, but it is certainly not without truth. Employing the Efficiency Currency™ method allows us to have an end in mind even in the early stages of our work. It breaks down that work into manageable, complementary pieces that we are able to accomplish along the way to reaching our larger goal. Through the use of Efficiency Currency™, we are able to have balance and fulfillment in an ever-changing working world.

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