6 Digital Marketing Tools You Need to Be Using Now

These days the market is ripe with exciting new tools and applications developed to streamline business and marketing strategies. There’s something new every day, it’s getting hard to keep up. Through personal experience and research, we’ve curated the top 6 tools worth using now to simplify your work day and impress your colleagues.


Have you ever sat down to write but found yourself doing everything but? Ommwriter, a tool developed by a creative agency out of Barcelona, strives to keep you on track. It’s meant to weed out the distractions and give you a clean template to work on.

The beauty of this tool is its simplicity. The distraction-free application allows users to fully customize their writing experience, from soothing audio tracks and backgrounds to a variety of tactile keystroke sound effects and font choices. If you are a multi-screen user, it even dims the display of the monitor you aren’t using for OmmWriter. This feature makes it hard to give in to distractions like those cat videos on Facebook!

Answer The Public

Answer the Public is a cool search query data visualisation tool commonly used by people conducting SEO research. Sure, the Google AdWords Keyword Planner is great, but it’s not a bad idea to switch up your tools to generate new content ideas. Answer the Public will literally show you the phrases that people are searching surrounding any topic you choose. The best part about it? The results come back in a visual form that is easy to decipher, making it the perfect tool for all of you visual learners! Use this tool to help with keyword planning, brainstorming your target audience, or sparking new ideas.

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Type Genius

Looking for the perfect font combination for your next creative project? Type Genius makes it simple for users to try out several font combinations until they find the perfect fit. Begin by choosing a starter font and the tool will automatically find the best possible pair for it. It even provides real text samples so you can see what your typeface selection will look like. The best part about this tool is that it shows you a sample website that is currently using the font combinations Type Genius suggests.

Infographic Templates by HubSpot

Infographics are powerful tools that help convey an intricate idea in an attractive and manageable format. However, they can be extremely time consuming to create and the task can seem daunting.

These free infographic templates by HubSpot offer 20 options and are sure to become your new marketing sidekick! Easily customize any of the templates to fit your company’s branding and you can have a new infographic in less than an hour.


Buyer personas help you understand your customers’ pain points and are necessary for success in any industry. The initial setup of creating a buyer persona can be time consuming; that’s why you will love the MakeMyPersona tool. After answering a series of questions, it will generate a buyer persona in a clean format that you can download and share with your team. 

Blog Title Generator by Impact

Got writer’s block? Need help generating ideas for your next blog, ebook, or whitepaper? Check out Impact’s blog title generator. All you have to do is enter a topic of what you want to write about and let the blog title generator do the rest! 

Now that you have some shiny new tools for your marketing toolbox, you’re ready to amp up your strategy! If you have any questions about how Mindgrub’s Digital Marketing team has elevated our clients’ brands and delivered ROI, give us a shout!