Highlights of the Google Performance Summit: What marketers need to know.

New Tools for the Modern Marketer in a Mobile First World

As explained at the Google Performance Summit, campaigns today must be designed around the micro-moments that make up people’s everyday lives and tailored to the specific devices that are used in those moments.

Since users no longer view content on desktop first, campaigns must be designed for mobile and serve as a bridge between the physical and digital world-- the overarching theme of Google’s latest updates.

These updates have revamped current tools and have effectively removed grunt work for marketers by streamlining processes and enabling collaboration.

AdWords Updates Decrease Setup Time & Increase Interactions

Google found that users engage more readily with longer, more descriptive text on mobile as compared to desktop. Users want information that is relevant to their needs before opening an ad; they want to be able to swipe and interact.

  • Higher character limits for increased mobile interactions

Google AdWords has increased ad text by 50%. This allows for two 30 character headlines, consolidated 80-character description text, and a customizable but automatically extracted display URL.

  • Mobile ready ad-generation tool

By simply providing the headlines, description text, URL, and image, Google will automatically design responsive advertisements that match the look and feel of the content users are already browsing.

  • Revised remarketing options to reach new visitors

Previously, remarketing campaigns could only target users who had visited your pages, but this change will allow remarketing campaigns to reach users within the GDN with similar browsing interests who haven’t necessarily visited your site yet.

  • Customizable bids based on device type

Businesses can now target ads on devices that their most valuable users are using with individualized bid adjustments.

Google Maps and Location-Based Mobile Marketing

Google is planning to increase its pinpoint location accuracy using beacons, which will enable localized mobile marketing strategies. Seeing as one billion people use Google Maps, these additions will open up fantastic opportunities for acquisition.

  • Use location extensions for local search ads on Google Maps

Advertisers can now use location extensions to create targeted ads on Google.com and Maps.

  • Promoted Pins in Google Maps offer users real time information

Businesses will be able use Promoted Pins, which will show up in Google Maps as users navigate. Users will soon be able to see discounts, deals, store traffic, and product inventory from their Maps application.

Google Analytics 360 Suite Promotes Easier Collaboration

The new Google Analytics 360 Suite is aimed at simplifying data analytics and measurement processes for marketers across desktop and mobile platforms. Google has revamped their analytics suite to simplify data analytics and measurement using seamless integration, intelligence, and collaborative tools.

Google combines these features in its line of new analytics products:

  • Google Audience Center 360

A data management platform so marketers can understand their customers and find more with similar behavior and interests.

  • Google Optimize 360

A website testing and personalization product that allows marketers to test websites and products with ease, reducing the amount of time setting up and deploying site experiments.

  • Google Data Studio 360

A data analysis and visualization tool that connects data across all Google products, as well as some third-party products. It allows marketers to create clean, visually stunning reports through streamlined collaboration and easily updated widgets. (A free version also allows companies to create up to five reports.)

Mobile First Marketing Going Forward

Mindgrub is excited to start integrating these new tools and opportunities into our digital marketing arsenal. As Google rolls out its updates, some of which are still in Beta, we’ll be sure to experiment with them and report back. Stay tuned over the coming weeks as we dive deeper into all of these exciting new products and what they mean for your marketing strategies.

In the meantime, contact us if you need help implementing the latest tools and technology for your digital marketing campaigns.