Location-Based Mobile Searches Bring Customers INTO Your Store

Mobile is Not Killing Your Business

"Online shopping is taking away my customers!"

Your customers are spending a lot of quality time with their phones and mobile devices. They’re the first thing people pick up in the morning, and the last thing they look at before going to sleep at night. In the world of digital marketing, this means endless opportunities to connect with users throughout the day. The key is to connect with them at these opportune moments, and Google’s latest updates are enabling marketers to do just that. In our age of information, we need to stop rejecting mobile as the enemy and begin embracing it as an opportunity.

Location-Based Searches Increase Same Day, In-Store Sales

Google recently released some of their research findings regarding the new mobile first world we live in. Here’s what they mean for your business:

  • Nearly 75% of users who performed a location-based search visited the store the same day.

This means that users are looking for products and services in the moment that they need them. Therefore, the information users find online greatly influences their likelihood of visiting your business. Users are looking to visit real, brick-and-mortar businesses, so it’s crucial to have a mobile presence.

  • 18% of mobile local searches resulted in a purchase within a day (compared to only 7% of non-local searches).

It doesn’t matter if you have an online storefront. If customers know what they want is in your store, how much it costs, and where to find it, they will likely walk through the door.

  • 30% of users would rather buy in-store than online if they could get it from a local store, and 35% would do so if they were sure they could get the product quickly.

Provide searchers with the same convenience they might get from a large online retailer, such as Amazon Prime. Research what your audience is searching for and how your product or service can compete for their attention. Convenience and availability will play a large part in winning over these customers, so be sure to tailor your content and advertisements as so.

Appeal to the Experiences Your Customers Want to Have

While there are many more opportunities and methods to reach users than ever, not all of them are appealing. Many users engage with online content that is unrelated to shopping, so blindly creating ad campaigns and throwing them out into cyberspace will likely be a waste of money and time for your team. The key is not to interrupt users during their daily routine, but to draw them in with relevant information that is cohesive with their routine. Location-based advertising is a targeted way to reach the users most likely to convert. The key is to bridge their digital world with the physical one in their need-to-buy moments through:

  • Location-Based Advertising

Target your audience based on geography with “locals only” specials and ad campaigns.

  • Free local profiles and local SEO

There is a whole list of sites that allow you to create free profiles to help users find your store addresses, business hours, product availability, directions and more. Make sure you are taking advantage of these resources.

  • Providing a great mobile user experience

Utilize call and direction buttons that can be opened immediately on mobile. Google’s latest updates to their marketing tools will allow companies to tailor to this changing mobile-first world. Check out our recent blog post that summarizes the updates, and if you are looking for a partner to help you succeed in the mobile first world contact us today!

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