The Mindgrub team knows that the programming and code is not the whole story. If a widget, website, mobile app, graphical user interface (GUI) or data display isn’t visually compelling, clear and intentional, your users will walk away and your project will not have optimal results.

Our design team is a part of the process from the very inception of the project. We work with our clients to ensure that the colors and fonts, layout, and information flow enhance and highlight the functionality and interaction of the technical product. The design team’s involvement is crucial to Mindgrub’s efficiency and quality control, as the presentation layer of a mobile or web project must marry seamlessly within the technical platform and framework.

In addition to our outstanding web and mobile design, our team has helped many of our clients with more traditional design work. We have redesigned and refreshed logos and entire brand identities, we’ve laid out and redesigned marketing collateral, and we’ve provided council to clients looking for an outside opinion.

  • Illustration
  • Animation

A new breed of agency

Mindgrub combines creative and technical expertise.  We're visionaries and workhorses, dreamers and doers.  We find and implement solutions for any enterprise striving to thrive on the cutting edge.

...and a new player in gaming.

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