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From the conceptual stage to the palm of your hand, there’s a lot that goes into designing one of Mindgrub’s games. Two of the most important aspects of game design is that it has to work (bug free) and be fun! If one is lacking, the other doesn’t matter. Mindgrub play-tests (or concept tests) every game to make sure that no users are disappointed from a crash during gameplay.

Lots of gameplay analysis goes into putting a great game on the market. The design of each level, character, and even each item is debated and carefully chosen by the design team. The stages and times at which users must be rewarded or punished depending on various actions must be thoroughly calculated. There aren’t many second chances with users, and a good game will have high rates of user-acquisition and retention. Fortunately, Mindgrub’s gaming division, Mindgrub Games, has had experience with creating multiple excellent games such as Windsquire, Rescue Jump, and Avoid the Flood.

Mobile Game Design Services

  • Level Design
  • Play Testing
  • Concept Testing
  • Visual Queues
  • Audio Queues
  • Reward/Punishment
  • App Distribution
  • Reward Schedules
  • Character Design
  • Item Design
  • Level Obstacles

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