Mobile Development

Mobile devices are changing the way that modern society works. Today, people want information right away, wherever they are. This change brings exciting new opportunities for businesses, educational institutions, and other organizations to engage people like never before.  Imagine: Connecting spectators at sporting events so they can post their photos and comments about the game—in real time, enticing shoppers with coupons sent while they pass your storefront,  enriching learning experiences by placing information and resources at the students’ fingertips—even when they’re miles away from a library.

At Mindgrub, we know what works in a mobile app, and can help your message “go mobile.” Unsure which platform is right for your project? Mindgrub’s team will help with market research, competitive analysis and audience testing to ensure that your app will be available to the widest number of users.

  • Mobile Web Development
  • Location Based Services
  • Social Media Integration
  • Augmented Reality
  • Embedded Systems
With the combination of iOS, SDK, and Xcode tools, Mindgrub is creating iPhone apps that are one of a kind. Mindgrub has helped government agencies, educational institutions, businesses, news providers and others take advantage of iPhone technologies to reach out to iphone users in new ways.
Mindgrub understands the iPad’s tremendous value. This highly adaptable platform is a productivity tool in business, a learning tool for education, a device for digital exploration and a new entertainment platform.
As the fastest growing smartphone OS, Android caters to users who want versatility and freedom in choosing their prefered device. Google’s open source policy also holds fewer app restrictions for the store, providing an easier way to reach your consumers.
Data presentation should tell a story – an image is worth thousands of data points. From basic charts and graphs to advanced and dynamic charting, Mindgrub’s detail-oriented team distills data into thoughtful and appealing visual formats that reveal the story behind the numbers.
Mindgrub is a gaming guru. From educational to social, good old fashion fun to location based and augmented reality - any game that you can conceive, we can make.

A new breed of agency

Mindgrub combines creative and technical expertise.  We're visionaries and workhorses, dreamers and doers.  We find and implement solutions for any enterprise striving to thrive on the cutting edge.

...and a new player in gaming.

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