Data Visualization

Mindgrub designs and programs interactive charting to bring your data to life. Data can be overwhelming without a way to tell the story. How does the bar chart mean anything without a way to interpret its context and the change over time?

Mindgrub has partnered with leading brands to create data visualization and interactive charting products that tell the story behind the numbers. Sometimes a standard bar chart, pie chart or line graph will support the message, and our detail-oriented designers can ensure that these basic formats are visually appealing and aesthetically thoughtful.

Mindgrub’s presentation layer designers can leverage ever-advancing technology to display custom designed charts and graphs. Created specifically for your brand or organization, data visualization will add value to your marketing collateral, business development presentations, or simply equip your brand ambassadors with the information they need to spread your message.

Social Media

Tracking users through their online environments can tell a lot about the success of your technology and marketing efforts. Mindgrub’s custom charting will provide trends reporting and data visualization to get the big picture, and the details to support your social media campaign tactics. 

Interactive Mapping

For advanced charting, Mindgrub has built dynamic heat maps to illustrate density and distribution. We’ve built geographic charting, infographics, and interactive timelines for Fortune 500 clients. Mindgrub’s unique ability to see the forest for the trees means we can distill complex spreadsheets and analytical data into a meaningful display format, regardless of delivery method. 

Mindgrub has developed a framework called Interactive Mapping -- a dynamic, interactive widget system for displaying mobile-friendly information in the form of timelines, maps, and videos.  To see sample Interactive Mapping displays, check out our portfolio viewer. (link to interactive mapping images)  For information on licensing the framework, please fill out the “Let’s Talk” form below.

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