Connor Digital

Making fine stationery into a digital conversation

Client Challenge

With the rise of electronic correspondence, Connor, a fine stationery boutique based out of Manhattan, wanted to achieve both a web and mobile application experience that captured the essence of writing  and sending high-end stationery on a digital platform. In partnership with luxury retail brand, Barney’s, Connor wanted to create a web and mobile app to bring Connor’s deluxe stationery to the digital world.

With a desire to expand their target market, Connor especially wanted to provide preferential service to corporations. The corporate account option would provide businesses with a uniform digital stationery, giving Connor the opportunity to be the organization’s prime invitation and messaging provider. Connor wanted to differentiate their customer experience from those of competitors by featuring 3D printed handwritten cards.

Our Solution

Mindgrub created a sophisticated multi-device app that is centered around the experience of customizing digital stationery and invitations. The application allows users to write custom messages within a defined text area and modify style, as well as alignment. They can also choose to send cards with a handwritten feel. By choosing the handwriting style and size, the card is then 3D printed and mailed directly to the recipient. Users also have the option to upload their own images or to completely customize a blank stationery card by paying a small fee. This option, as well as corporate accounts, which provides businesses with a uniform digital stationery, gives Connor the ability to monetize their brand. Users can share cards via email, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook. Further management functionality in the app provides users with an address book and messaging abilities to their guest list. The innovative elements of the app has led to features in magazines such as Marie Claire and Architectural Digest.

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