Mercy's Journey of Care Game

Transforming what it's like to onboard nurses

Mercy wanted a way to reinterpret their nursing materials and content. They sought a more engaging way to help nurses retain and put important best practices into place. We set a goal of transforming what it’s like to onboard nurses.


Mindgrub created an educational game that takes place in another realm. A user progresses through different terrains to explore different areas that hold learning objects for nurses to move through the world. Nurses can also create custom avatars to customize outfits, hairstyles and other personalized aesthetic traits. Mini games were included in the realm to incorporate learning materials. Once these quizzes are completed, nurses receive badges. A leaderboard feature is included for nurses to see how they stack up against other nurses going through the program.

The results from this game and experiment will be included on a research initiative so that Mercy can help to influence the universal onboarding of nurses at hospitals. This mobile game can also be accessed on a desktop.


At the core