Yamaha Mobile App

Providing mobile support for your outdoor adventure

Client Challenge

Yamaha needed a mobile application that helped customers easily find Yamaha-certified outboard retail centers and service providers -- on land or on the water. They also wanted to provide their clients with direct access to performance bulletins and engaging content about Yamaha outboards. With an expansive geographic market, they needed a technical solution that would provide location based information to customers, no matter where they choose to dock their boat.

Our Solution

Mindgrub developed a custom mobile app, which allows Yamaha outboard owners to locate the closest Yamaha service provider. Through location based services, Mindgrub created a robust mapping platform that allows owners to pinpoint their desired destination. The app also allows owners to track their motor break-in process, access performance bulletins, and find answers to frequently asked questions. More than a tool, the app also reinforces Yamaha’s brand standards of friendly, reliable service. The application aggregates service data and consumer records in order to provide a way for users to check on their warranties and find local dealers. To reach a wider market, the app was built for both iOS and Android devices.

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