Brian Thompson

Director of Web Engineering

Brian Thompson, a former outdoorsman turned web developer, currently leads a team of 20+ developers in the creation and maintenance of digital experiences. As the Director of Web Engineering at Mindgrub, Brian oversees all of the web projects, in addition to the odd robotics challenge.

During his time as a tech guru, Brian has built and maintained websites across a variety platforms and with a variety of computing power requirements. Through this work, he has been tasked with handling website availability for high-traffic video sharing websites (with upwards of 5 million unique visitors per day), crowdfunding websites for Beyoncé and other celebrities, and e-commerce websites that process hundreds of thousands of orders per day. He can frequently be found writing code (PHP and Node.js), maintaining infrastructure, managing his team, and baking, as he has a reputation for making delicious cakes and sweet treats.

Speaker Topics

Web Development
Wearable Technology
Technology/Innovation Strategy

Previous Engagements

  • Drupal GovCon — Building High Performance Teams — July 2014
  • Drupal GovCon — To Be Or Not To Be Drupal — July 2014
  • DrupalCamp PA — Building High Performance Teams — August 2014
  • DrupalCamp PA — To Be Or Not To Be Drupal — August 2014
  • Baltimore Innovation Week — From Relational to NoSql to Graph Databases, which one do you use? — September 2015
  • Baltimore Drupal Camp — Relational to NoSql to Graph Databases With Drupal — October 2015
  • Baltimore Drupal Camp — Making Use Of Our Robot Overlords — October 2016
  • Florida Drupal Camp — Making Use Of Our Robot Overlords — February 2017
  • Drupal GovCon — Making Use Of Our Robot Overlords — August 2017
  • Mid-Atlantic Marketing Summit — Your Website Is Insecure And You're About To Lose Traffic — September 2017
  • NCDevCon — Making Use Of Our Robot Overlords — October 2017
  • LoopConf — Servicing Your Website With Service Workers — February 2018
  • DrupalCon Nashville — Running Drupal In Hostile Environments — April 2018
  • DrupalCon Seattle - Transitioning from Developer to Manager - April 2018
  • PHP World Washington, DC - Automating Your WebOps Workflows to Reduce Pain and Suffering - October 2019
  • WordCamp US St. Louis - Transitioning from Developer to Manager  - November 2019

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