Healthcare after COVID-19: what the accelerating trend of home healthcare means for patients, providers, caregivers, technologists, and communities

While the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic undoubtedly exacerbated many of the weaknesses in the U.S. healthcare system, it also highlighted the potential value of delivering more healthcare in the home - especially for our country’s growing senior population.

Whether delivered via the remote, consistent monitoring of chronic diseases, telehealth visits with specialists, or virtual wellness programming, home care has been proven to improve outcomes for seniors, their families, and the communities in which they live.

While the benefits of moving care from clinical settings to the home are well-documented, facilitating this shift on a macro level will require individuals and organizations throughout the care continuum to create new, coordinated healthcare delivery models - many of which will be powered by emerging technologies.

In this live webinar, our panel of experts in health, technology, and senior care will discuss how the pandemic has changed the future of aging and how innovations in home care can improve health outcomes for seniors.

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We’ll discuss:

  • The major differences between healthcare delivery - and senior care, specifically - before and after the onset of COVID-19
  • The health and financial benefits of home healthcare for seniors, their families, providers, and communities
  • How clinical professionals, advocacy groups, senior living communities, academic institutions, and healthtech leaders can collaborate to overcome challenges related with an at-home care model
  • The role of technology in facilitating proactive, ongoing, connected care experiences at home (and making healthcare in general more accessible, effective, scalable, and equitable)
  • How innovators can address potential concerns about home care delivery and drive lasting change

Panel of Experts

Headshot of Richard Kes
Health Care Partner, RSM U.S.
Headshot of Kevin Heffner
President and CEO, LifeSpan Network
Headshot of Cathy Hamel
President, Gilchrist Hospice Care
Headshot of Jason Perry
CTO, Mindgrub
Headshot of Scott Rifkin
Executive Chairman, Real Time Medical Systems
Headshot of Nate Andrew
Director, Technology Risk Consulting, RSM U.S.

When & Where

May 12, 2021
1:00 pm EDT - 2:00 pm EDT

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