The Peak Cyber Symposium is an annual conference where cybersecurity, information management, information technology, communications, and other professionals gather to learn more about some of today's most pressing cybersecurity threats, remediation strategies, and best practices. The conference theme for this year is "Cyber Hygiene: Everyday for Everyone."

Todd Marks is the keynote speaker on September 4. The title and description of his talk are below:

The Internet of Things (IoT): Providing Solutions and Forecasting the Future

By 2025, the number of IoT devices in the world will have reached a fever pitch. Though estimates vary among researchers, we’re talking about numbers in the double-digit billions: 22 billion (IoT Analytics) or 64 billion (Business Insider) devices, for example.

In this session, Todd Marks, Founder and CEO of Mindgrub Technologies, will cover the latest in IoT, from physical devices to automation. Participants will gain a better understanding of electronics, software, sensors, and actuators and how devices connect the physical world with humans and digital systems. Marks will cover the efficiency and economic benefits of networked systems, as well as specific benefits to government strategies.

Attendees will learn more about:

  • how IoT is currently being used to solve complex problems to meet operations and big data needs; and
  • how future digital demands are projected to impact current infrastructure, and what’s being done to prepare for the next wave of connected devices.



Colorado Springs, CO
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