Post-COVID-19 Cyber Hygiene: Securing Your Business’ Future in a Changed World

A Mindgrub Speaker Series Webinar

Online  |  Thursday, June 25th | 1:00 - 2:00 pm EST

Event Description:

Cyber breach data from across the globe is telling us a clear story: The coronavirus pandemic has created countless new opportunities for cybercriminals. As a result, 70% of executives are planning on increasing their investment in cybersecurity this year.

But what happens when life returns to “normal?” How can business leaders prepare their organizations for a secure future while continuing to invest in innovation?
Join Mindgrub and several of the leading voices in cybersecurity for a deep dive into post-COVID cyber health. Our expert panel will share their approaches to:

  • Reimagining the elements of cyber hygiene in a post- COVID world
  • Creating a new list of cybersecurity priorities
  • Managing greater cyber risks with fewer resources
  • Defining new operational models that support long-term cybersecurity
  • Identifying ways to make cyber health part of your growth model


  • Angela Murphy, COO of Sontiq
  • Chris Ensy, CTO of Blue Voyant
  • Dana Pickett, CISO of Edwards Performance Solutions
  • Kent Wilson, VP of Customer Experience at Bricata
  • Moderator: Todd Marks, Founder & CEO of Mindgrub

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