GraphicAudio® selected Mindgrub Technologies to develop a mobile digital experience featuring GraphicAudio’s audiobook entertainment, A Movie in Your Mind®, for tech and action-adventure lovers and many others. The idea was to create a new state-of-the-art mobile application that will serve GraphicAudio’s vast customer base. The main goal was to create an enthralling digital audiobook experience for those eager to take their adventures everywhere they go.

Mindgrub produced native Android and iOS versions of this application with a unique twist. Immediately when launched, the app greets users with the friendly and familiar GraphicAudio visuals found on their website keeping a consistent theme with their color palette, fonts, and logos. Inside of the app, however, is where the magic happens. GraphicAudio subscribers can jump right into their favorite audiobook series at the click of a button, and begin streaming their audiobook immediately, without missing a beat. Whether users are at the grocery store or stuck in traffic, the versatility this application provides allows for continuous audiobook entertainment and nonstop action. KAPOW!

Anji Cornette, Vice President of GraphicAudio, says, "It is extremely important for GraphicAudio® to ensure that our customers can listen to our productions easily wherever they are. We have been fortunate to find a great technology company like Mindgrub as they beautifully captured our vision for the App. We are looking forward to continuing our work with Mindgrub to add features such as Android Auto and CarPlay in the near future as well as adding our weekly GraphicAudio Story Podcast, G.A.S.P.”

Aside from constructing an intuitive visual design, there was extensive thought and consideration put into the development of a truly spectacular user experience. Subscribers can easily explore and filter the many titles and genres available to find their perfect fit through built-in search functionality. In addition, one of the other NEW features besides streaming, is the automatic cloud bookmarking which allows users to pick up right where they left off, even if they log into another device. For more information, check out GraphicAudio’s digital teaser here, or download the app here.

About GraphicAudio® 
A Movie in Your Mind® is an imprint of The Cutting Corporation. Since its inception in 2004, GraphicAudio® has published over 1000 titles and more than 100 different series in a wide variety of popular genres, all produced in their unique and vivid GraphicAudio® A Movie in Your Mind® audiobook entertainment format, featuring book-length full cast dramatizations richly scored with cinematic music and layered with immersive sound effects and design. GraphicAudio Story Podcast (G.A.S.P.TM) is a new FREE weekly Podcast bringing you ALL-NEW serialized episodes of a complete full-length story along with episodes that feature short-stories, all presented in our signature GraphicAudio® style. GraphicAudio StreamsTM is a new streaming subscription service being launched this fall, offering numerous monthly options for the listener’s preference.

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