View from the middle of a road of the state capitol building in the center with the House of Delegates and Senate on either side.

Mindgrub testified in person yesterday to support House Bill 527 - Maryland Technology Internship Program. HB 527 was introduced into the Maryland General Assembly session requesting that the University of Maryland Baltimore County (UMBC) administer a state-wide Maryland Technology Internship Program primarily in the start-up community. Through this legislation, student interns in Maryland start-ups and state and local governments would have the opportunity to remain within the state post graduation as future entrepreneurs and technology leaders.

Mark Milleker, Mindgrub’s Senior VP of Human Capital Management, is leading the effort for Mindgrub and has a vast professional background. Mark has worked for a Fortune 125 company, professional services consulting firm, and medium and small start-ups like Mindgrub. During his tenure at these establishments, Mark has overseen the hiring of thousands of employees locally, nationally, and internationally. Regardless of the size, interns have always been an important component of an organization's talent strategy, and play a key role.

Mindgrub Intern Statistics since 2009 and why House Bill 527 is necessary:

  • Interns work on average 24 hours per week
  • 82 interns have been hired
  • Of 82, 26 were hired to fill a full-time
  • Of 26, 9 have been promoted to management positions
  • 19 of our employees are UMBC alumni (23.8%)
  • 79 of our employees are in Baltimore

Location: Annapolis, MD, February 8, 2018

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