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BALTIMORE, MD MAY 1, 2020 | Utility industry research and analysis firm Chartwell’s latest report finds that the majority of major utility companies now have mobile apps. The annual report offers benchmarks based on both consumer and industry surveys, and highlights case studies on mobile applications with above-average app store ratings.

The study also finds that, on the whole, utility industry apps are rated lower than many other industries’ apps. However, there are a few standouts.

Prominently featured in the report are Exelon’s BGE, ComEd, and PECO mobile apps. Mindgrub collaborated with Exelon on the suite of apps, all of which have app store ratings above the industry standard. Mindgrub CEO Todd Marks, who is interviewed in the report, says the key is to keep innovating and incorporating new features based on user-centered research and design.

Other report takeaways include:

  • In Chartwell’s industry professional survey, mobile-app and text-based customer service were ranked as the most important developments over the next five years, indicating that mobile will be an increasingly common component to customer offerings.
  • This focus on mobile apps will continue to gain momentum, and as utility companies iterate on their applications, the user experience will continue to improve.
  • Utility companies looking to improve their applications should first implement best practices, followed by more innovative features. In doing so, mobile app ratings will rise above where they currently sit below other comparable industries. Highly-rated apps, like Exelon’s, can be used as an example.
  • Customer awareness of mobile apps is increasing and is tied to overall customer satisfaction. Customers who are aware of their utility’s mobile app - whether they use it or not - report higher levels of satisfaction.

You can download the full report from Chartwell here.

“Mobile applications offer a wealth of personalized tools for your utility customers, and should be considered part of the core digital roadmap as consumers pivot to mobile as their device of choice,” said Laura Gousha, Mindgrub’s Vice President of Engagement. Laura is also head of the Utilities Practice at Mindgrub and has put together numerous resources for utility industry professionals, including an article that details why every utility should have a mobile application.

Interested in building or improving upon a mobile app for your utility company? Reach out to Laura and the team for a free consultation.

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