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BALTIMORE, JULY 22, 2020 | Mindgrub is pleased to announce that they have partnered with DataCapable, a platform for real-time global discovery of events, to deliver more powerful, data-driven applications for clients in the utilities industry.

DataCapable creates unique solutions for real-time event detection, interactive maps, and data analysis that align operational data with customer engagement opportunities. The platform is powered by cutting-edge artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms that discover critical information faster than traditional notification channels.

With its multiple software modules, the DataCapable Platform powers a wide range of functions, including cross-platform digital communications, cutting-edge geospatial mapping solutions as well as tools for threat detection and coordination during emergencies. These modules empower organizations to communicate more efficiently with their digital customers. 

For the past few years, Mindgrub’s team has worked in the utility space with notable clients such as BGE, PECO, and ComEd. The team’s work has included custom mobile applications and websites, user experience architecture, interactive design, systems integration, content strategy, and more.

Most recently, Mindgrub’s engineering team partnered with DataCapable to create a mobile outage map for a large utility company. Through the new partnership, Mindgrub and DataCapable will be able to continue creating custom-built platforms that seamlessly integrate data tools, giving end users a more powerful experience.

“DataCapable brings extensive knowledge to outage mapping solutions for utility providers. By partnering with DataCapable, we are able to leverage our collective experience and expertise to bring strong mobile and web experiences to our Utility clients,” said Mindgrub Vice President of Engagement Laura Gousha.

"Designing and engineering effective tools and technology is a common goal for both our teams, so collaborating further to build robust future-facing products was a simple decision that provides value and expertise to our myriad of clients in utilities and beyond. Together, DataCapable and Mindgrub ensure that any business or organization looking to increase awareness, safety, engagement and customer satisfaction can easily leverage proven solutions and trusted partners,” said Adam Narkiewicz, Chief Marketing Officer and Creative Director of DataCapable Inc. 

To find out more about DataCapable, visit their website at To learn more about Mindgrub’s work in the energy and utilities industry, visit