Diamondback Brewing Company & Mindgrub Partner on Ping Pong Mobile App

Diamondback Brewing Company, a 7,000 square foot brewery located in McHenry Row, has partnered with Mindgrub, a technology innovation agency headquartered in the same development, on a Ping Pong league application (Android/iOS) to be released on June 1st. Users will be able to download and sign up for a position in the league with matches to be held on Thursdays and Sundays at Diamondback Brewing Company. The mobile app, powered by Mindgrub, will monitor each user’s standings in a ladder based system that tracks wins and losses throughout the league. Interested users can track progress at www.diamondbackbeer.com for more information regarding league dues and official start dates. 

Mindgrub focuses on innovating and empowering local companies in the Baltimore area, and Vice President Vincent Sharps stated, “it’s exciting to see Diamondback Brewing Company’s brand commanding attention in the craft beer scene nationally as the startup is growing rapidly in Locust Point! With Under Armour headquarters also stationed in Locust Point, they’ve been an anchor in the community for decades. Under Armour has set the bar for growth, giving up-and-comers like Diamondback an invaluable model for success. We’re pumped about this engagement!” Colin Marshall, Co-Founder of Diamondback, shared the sentiment stating, “since inception we have been looking to build upon the experience at Diamondback and view this as a strong opportunity to engage with our consumers and the local patrons from around the Baltimore area.” Diamondback’s taproom is open Wednesday through Sunday; stop by for more information regarding the league.

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