Mindgrub Cafe to Collaborate with Chef Bryce Taylor on New Menu Items

Baltimore-based digital innovation agency, Mindgrub, along with newly formed affiliate company Mindgrub Café, welcomed Celebrity Chef Bryce Taylor today. Chef Bryce Taylor was a runner up on The Food Network’s Chopped Junior in October 2015. Chef Bryce Taylor is a 14 year old from the Mt. Washington area of Baltimore City attending Bard High School Early College Baltimore. He has built an incredible brand for himself, laying the groundwork for a bright future in the culinary arts.

On February 6, 2017, Chef Bryce will be awarded a Ceremonial Resolution, presented by Baltimore City Council President, Jack Young. This event will be open to the public. You can find Chef Bryce on local Baltimore Comcast channel 77 or on Vimeo/CitySchools, “Cooking with Chef Bryce Taylor” – next episode airing in February (check local listings for date & times). In the Fall of 2017, the Baltimore City Public School System will begin featuring an item from Chef Bryce on all school menus. You can follow Chef Bryce on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Mindgrub Café Food Truck, Voted “Best Food Truck, Howard County” - Howard Magazine, 2016, specializes in brain food for knowledge workers. Mindgrub Cafe Owner (and Share Kitchen Bmore Co-Owner) Nikki Marks and Chef Bryce Taylor will be collaborating on menu items they will feature later this year at Mindgrub Café.

“Mindgrub, the Baltimore community and I are cheering for this prodigy, and wishing him continued success!” – Vincent E. Sharps, Vice President of Mindgrub.

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