Mindgrub Innovates Trick-or-Treating with Amazon Drones

Drone carrying an Amazon box with a witch and Dracula in it. A full light moon in the background with houses below.

Mindgrub has a new mode of transportation for trick-or-treating that will have heads turning! By equipping Amazon drones with enhanced technology and robust infrastructure, Mindgrub is making it possible for trick-or-treaters to fly from one neighborhood to the next, maximizing the collection of more mouth-watering treats than ever before.

It is this type of groundbreaking creativity and innovation that makes Baltimore the ideal place for Amazon to claim its second lair. Great things can transpire when spooktacular industries thrive in the same environment. Mindgrub CEO and Founder Todd Marks had this to say about the creature-carrying device, “We created an algorithm to plot out all the houses that gave away full-sized candy bars, and also mapped our employee drop off points related to the likelihood their favorite candy would be supplied in that neighborhood.”

So if you see strange things flying in the sky this Halloween, don’t be frightened! They are just ghouls and goblins from Mindgrub tricking out their new treat-finding mobiles. This long-standing tradition is on the verge of ghostly transformation with more efficient means of capturing candy for an all-night feeding frenzy.

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