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Baltimore, MD, May 12, 2021 | Mindgrub Ventures accelerates the growth of technology-based startups, empowering entrepreneurs to turn great ideas into remarkable digital experiences.

Led by seasoned investment professionals with years of entrepreneurial experience and strong personal networks, the Mindgrub Ventures team partners with emerging technology startups. The partnerships provide the potential to improve people’s lives, whether through augmented reality, service technologies, or app-enhanced services.

The investment team includes Todd Marks, an experienced entrepreneur and futurist, Vijay Lakshman, a 30-year veteran of the software development industry, and Lawrence Baird, an experienced technology executive.

“Mindgrub Ventures works with and invests in SaaS companies in disruptive markets that are driving the convergence of man and machine: the singularity point from which the whole is greater than the sum of its parts,” says Todd Marks, Mindgrub Ventures’ Managing Partner.

In addition to financial capital, investment expertise, and strategic support, Mindgrub Ventures portfolio companies can exchange equity for product development services from Mindgrub Technologies.

Many of their existing portfolio companies have worked with Mindgrub’s award-winning team of engineers, designers, product owners, and go-to-market strategists to help turn great ideas into remarkable digital experiences.

Those portfolio companies include:

  • Magikmo: a mobile platform that brings magical moments, holidays, and special occasions to life anytime, anywhere using augmented reality.
  • SpotWash: an app-based car wash scheduling software.
  • Tetragram: an app that helps patients get the most out of medical cannabis.
  • Treble: a whole new approach to business networking.

“Mindgrub Ventures truly values business innovation and creativity, and is determined to work alongside the customer to help them succeed,” says Stephanie Holland, CEO of Magikmo. “Mindgrub Ventures' investment in Magikmo is more than just support—we are partners working together towards the same goal to develop the best innovative product possible. We are honored to work with the Mindgrub Ventures team, whose positivity and professionalism made every aspect of the product development process seamless for Magikmo.”

“Since SpotWash joined the Mindgrub Ventures portfolio, the momentum to achieve our short and long-term goals as a company has been tremendous,” says Freddie Ephraim, Owner of SpotWash. “The team, guidance, and support has been and continues to be invaluable.”

“The Mindgrub Ventures team is considered family to Tetragram,” says Otha Smith III, the founder of Tetragram. “Their level of expertise and support is unparalleled, which is paramount for any startup as they scale.”

To learn more about Mindgrub Ventures, visit ventures.mindgrub.com.

Mindgrub Ventures is an affiliate company of Mindgrub, an award-winning agency and consultancy that specializes in enterprise mobile and web applications, digital product development, interactive and user experience design, marketing, and emerging technologies. Our mission is to create technology that makes lives better, jobs easier, and helps businesses thrive.

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