Mindgrub Joins Baltimore Tracks

As part of their commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion, Mindgrub has joined Baltimore Tracks, a coalition of leading Baltimore tech firms dedicated to promote egalitarianism within the tech industry. The Baltimore Tracks vision is to establish Baltimore as a hub for diverse talent, focusing on increasing the number of opportunities for minorities in the tech industry. With these goals in mind, Baltimore Tracks leaders have created five major initiatives:

  • Remove 4-year degree requirements
  • Measure results with a DEI audit/demographic survey
  • Share best practices
  • Share candidates
  • Paid internships

Mindgrub is one of 17 Principal Members (including firms such as Catalyte, Fearless, and BaltiVirtual) who have agreed to 100% of Baltimore Tracks’ commitments to date. In addition to Mindgrub’s role as a founding company, Mindgrubbers Vincent Sharps and Meredith Bennett currently serve as the Executive Sponsor and Steering Committee member, respectively.

"The way this coalition came together was very inspiring,” says Mindgrub’s Chief Business Officer Vincent Sharps. “Having this level of commitment to diversity, equality, and inclusion from some of the most notable tech companies in Baltimore will hopefully make a measurable impact in this city and beyond." For more information on Baltimore Tracks or to get involved, visit baltimoretracks.org.

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