Three children making a mess in a kitchen with Santa Claus with a text banner that reads "Santa, I can explain...."

BALTIMORE, DECEMBER 16, 2020 | Just in time for the holidays, the beta version of the Magikmo mobile app is now available to download from the Apple App Store.

Imagine if Santa Claus could join you in your next TikTok video or wave from your very own roof before coming down the chimney. Picture a dancing gingerbread man in your kitchen, spreading holiday cheer while your children bake cookies.

All of these magical holiday experiences are now possible, thanks to Magikmo. Designed and engineered by the award-winning digital team at Mindgrub, the Magikmo mobile application uses augmented reality technology to bring the magic of the holidays and other special occasions to life - anytime, anywhere.

During this time when in-person events and celebrations have been suspended, Magikmo’s beta launch gives people a fun, interactive way to celebrate the holidays and connect with others. App users can superimpose virtual objects onto their view of the real world with a simple tap, interact with virtual characters, and capture photos or videos of the mixed reality scene. These still images and videos can then be shared with friends and loved ones via SMS, email, Facebook, Instagram, or TikTok.

"Augmented reality has been on the cusp of exploding for years, but now, due to the pandemic, it's truly taking off,” said Mindgrub Chief Business Officer and Magikmo Advisor Vincent Sharps. “Our team was thrilled to launch the beta version of Magikmo in time for Christmas 2020 and create an innovative way for families and friends to safely experience the magic of the season.”

“When I was a kid, seeing was believing when it came to Santa,” continued Sharps. “Magikmo is a way to bring that same sense of wonder to children and families who are missing out on in-person Santa-sightings and other group celebrations this year. I knew it would take a combination of creativity, technical prowess, and innovative thinking to bring my vision to life and there is no doubt that Mindgrub excels in these areas.”

Magikmo is free to download and can be used repeatedly. Magikmo does not save videos or photos unless users expressly share them with the company through one of Magikmo's social media platforms.

To download the app, please visit the Magikmo website at or the Apple App Store.

ABOUT MAGIKMO, LLC | Magikmo is the first immersive digital experience and brand that brings to life the magic of the holidays, occasions and the special moments in between—anytime, anywhere. Magikmo leverages 3D technology like augmented reality to bring fun, happiness and collaboration to people at every age. Where seeing is believing.