360 degree view photo of the buildings outside JHU Peabody Institute

George Peabody’s philanthropic influence and establishment of the Peabody Institute in 1857 started a cultural transformation in Baltimore. Artists, teachers, and scholars came together to teach others about the positive impacts music and the arts have on quality of life. Once affiliated with Johns Hopkins University (JHU) in 1977, the Peabody Institute’s network expanded, allowing students to connect and research across other disciplines.

JHU Peabody Institute recently reached out to Mindgrub with a desire to use video to better engage its audience through musical performances and virtual tours. Mindgrub scoped out locations for filming to make sure space, lighting, and sound were suitable. Photographs were taken and stitched together for 360-degree views (such as the image above). 360 VR videos produced included orchestra, percussion, organ, and group instrumental and vocal lessons.

Behind the scenes.

This engaging perspective has been well received by followers of JHU Peabody Institute. Anyone can sit in on a performance or take a tour right from their computer. Go experience an orchestra rehearsal from a musicians chair, or sit in on a percussion class today.