Mindgrub Proudly Announces Four Promotions at Headquarters

Baltimore, MD - Mindgrub is proud to announce four new promotions of our staff. Leah Vogely has been promoted to Vice President of Creative Strategy. Brian Thompson has been promoted to Director of Web Engineering. David Wikoff has been promoted to Software Architect. And Stephanie Stevens has been promoted to Senior Project Manager.

Leah Vogely, Vice President of Creative Strategy, joined Mindgrub in 2014. She’s worked as lead designer, project manager and creative director for a large variety of websites, marketing campaigns and branding initiatives. Her industry experience includes nonprofit organizations, enterprise companies and educational institutions. Leah oversees both internal and external design efforts at Mindgrub. She provides creative direction for a wide range of client projects, including mobile apps, digital marketing initiatives, multi-platform games and websites. 

“Leah started her career at Mindgrub as a Marketing Manager and quickly worked her way through the ranks. It feels great to watch people like Leah rise within the company while gaining technical expertise, poise and management responsibility,” said Todd Marks, CEO of Mindgrub.

Brian Thompson, Director of Web Engineering, joined the Mindgrub family as an intern in April 2012, and became full-time in June 2012. Since then, Brian has been active in many web projects and more specifically, has been a focal point of our successful relationship with clients. 

David Wikoff, Software Architect, joined the Mindgrub family as an intern in January 2010, and became full-time in May 2012. Since then, David has been active in many web projects, and was instrumental in Mindgrub’s relationship with clients and leadership on client projects. 

“It has been my personal pleasure observing Brian and David's growth over the years, and we look forward to seeing them continuing their contributions to our revenue and profit,” said Sa’ad Raouf, CTO at Mindgrub.

Stephanie Stevens, Senior Project Manager, joined Mindgrub in 2012. Stephanie has played an integral role in managing numerous client projects, including the development of the popular Light City app for the Baltimore Office of Promotion and the Arts. 

“Stephanie’s ability to balance internal and client desires while consistently delivering projects on-time, on-budget and within scope is appreciated by all. We look forward to her continued contributions,” said Aaron Bickoff, Associate Director of Operations at Mindgrub.

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