Mindgrub Wins Two Technical.ly NET/WORK Awards

Baltimore-based digital innovation agency, Mindgrub, was awarded Technical.ly’s NET/WORK Best Side Project for its virtual reality game room experience, the Holodeck, and Best Office Pet - Albus the Red. The NET/WORK Awards were given to Baltimore area businesses and influencers recognized as the best and brightest in the following categories: Best Side Project, Best Meetup Organizer, Best Tech Twitter Account, Best Coworking Manager, Least Worst Recruiter, Best CTO, Best Slack Channel and Best Office Pet (surprisingly competitive!).

The award ceremony took place at the Baltimore Museum of Industry on February 24, 2017 for the annual NET/WORK event happy hour. Awardees were asking to submit tweet length acceptance speeches for the awards.

Mindgrub’s Best Side Project Award Acceptance - "Stoked to accept Best Side Project Award for Mindgrub's Holodeck! We're always conceptualizing new ideas and our VR experience is a blast."

Mindgrub’s Office Pet - "I'm accepting Best Office Pet on behalf of our esteemed yet playful Albus the Red at Mindgrub. Albus asked me to say, "Party on, Wayne."

Other awardees included:

  • Rachel Davis (Code for Baltimore) - Best Meetup Organizer

  • Betamore - Best Tech Twitter Account

  • Shervonne Cherry (Spark) - Best Coworking Manager

  • Allyson Greenlee (The Creative Group) - Least Worst Recruiter

  • Coleman Stavish (Prosica) - Best CTO

  • Spark Baltimore - Best Slack Channel

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