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BALTIMORE, APRIL 24, 2020 | Mindgrub’s web team has partnered with Servicebot, the customer portal for Stripe Billing, to build and maintain their subscription management module for Drupal websites.

Servicebot provides SaaS and subscription-based businesses with a self-service subscription portal, pricing pages, and signup forms, reducing the effort required to build and update customer billing pages and accelerating their time to market.

Servicebot accommodates any of the pricing models that can be created in Stripe, including free trial periods and custom billing intervals. Furthermore, their subscription management portal allows businesses to share subscription information with customers quickly and securely, reducing customer support time and helping businesses recover lost revenue.

Mindgrub’s web developers worked with Servicebot to create a Drupal module that makes integration completely code-free for users. Through the new partnership, Mindgrub will continue to maintain and optimize the module over time. 

“Working with Servicebot’s robust API allowed our engineers to leverage the power of their subscription services and quickly build solutions that best serve our clients,” said Mindgrub Engineering Manager Chris Zietlow.

“We are very excited about the partnership with Mindgrub and for the new capabilities coming to the Drupal community,” remarked Servicebot Co-Founder Kevin Midkiff. “Together, we are building an extremely powerful solution that is going to unlock new business models, lower costs, and increase speed to market for Drupal users and Mindgrub clients.”

Using the new module, SaaS and subscription-based businesses using Drupal can save months of development time and start generating revenue faster. To find out more about Servicebot, visit their website, To learn more about Mindgrub’s Drupal practice, visit