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Your brand and identity is a lot more than simply picking a logo and color scheme to “slap on” a few t-shirts. Instead it consists of building an image from the ground up in an attempt to win over a customer. Mindgrub pours a lot into understanding every aspect of the clients we work with in order to market their brand to our best ability. This comprehensive knowledge is our biggest concern when designing a branding strategy.

Consistency and “taking time with it” are two of the most important aspects when redesigning your brand and attempting to create or change your identity. Incremental changes, including a revised logo, color, or name, could provide a renewed and modernized identity capable of standing out in the current market. With trusted brands, thought-out aesthetic changes will convey an improved service to loyal and new customers alike.

To understand the brand as a whole, it must be seen through the eyes of a potential customer. With the help of Mindgrub, your brand can be progressive and accessible to your customers.

Brand & Identity Services

  • Logo
  • Brand Colors
  • Printed Material
  • Signage
  • Corporate Vision

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