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There has recently been a new movement towards a more visually-oriented webpage. With lots of competition for consumer attention combined with attention spans shortened across the board, companies cannot afford to bloat their websites with any more words than necessary. Many now favor large hero areas on an introductory page to catch their viewers’ eye quickly. Illustration can be crucial to making your webpage pop, and it may be your key to edging out the competition.

Illustration is also necessary in designing games, educational products and branding. Much of what makes mobile gaming appealing are the detailed illustrations on a smaller screen. Many consumers expect these beautiful illustrations to simply appear, not considering how deliberately they were created, considered, and placed by the design team. Branding needs illustration in a similar way. Your logo is going to be the first interaction that most have with your company, and so it is extremely important. It can quickly become recognizable, and as a mute representative of your company it must reflect its character and personality in the most subtle ways.

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  • Game Design
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