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User Acquisition, Retention, & Mindgrub

One of the most difficult aspects of game development is converting one-time users into returning users. Most games have less than a two-day retention rate, thus it is very difficult to monetise in any way. Most developers spend far more than they should on Cost per Install (CPI) rates.

Mindgrub doesn’t wait until the end result to be surprised by any users that don't continue playing. Instead, consideration of consumer conversion rate is laced into every aspect of the development process, from beginning market research to data analysis after the app has been released onto the market. There are many different ways to approach user retention and monetization of your game, including a “freemium” app hierarchy or incentivized installs that can vary from client to client.

User Acquisition & Retention Services

  • Cost-per-Install
  • Returning User
  • Monetization
  • Incentivized Installs
  • Conversion Rate
  • Freemium

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