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The days of simply throwing ad campaigns out there based on a hunch from consumers, a la Don Draper, are over. Their place has been overtaken by marketing analytics and big data. The Mindgrub marketing team’s process of analyzing data is one that is vital to discovering an audience and reaching out to as many people as possible, thereby improving your overall marketing effectiveness.

Without these marketing analytics measures, companies with an online presence will simply have disconnected data environments floating around, not giving a whole lot back as far as return on investment (ROI) goes. Mindgrub constantly strives for democratized data, which can come as a result of thorough sessionization. This can greatly enhance your marketing performance.

Analytics & Reporting Services

  • Business Metrics
  • Marketing Attribution
  • Overall Marketing Effectiveness
  • Data Environments
  • Marketing Performance
  • ROI (Return on Investment)
  • Democratized Data
  • Sessionization

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