Marketing Automation

Empowering marketing with automation.

One of Mindgrub’s signature digital marketing services is the implementation of marketing automation tactics. Marketing automation allows you to compile all of your marketing tactics into one comprehensive and interconnected system. It offers businesses of all sizes an efficient way to align their business goals, track their engagement, and improve their lead conversions.

Rather than individually deploying marketing tactics, such as email or social media, marketing automation software can free up your team so they can focus on high level strategies. Marketing automation allows your company to easily generate campaigns, nurture leads, and track key performance metrics.

Hubspot Services

As a Hubspot Partner, Mindgrub will work with you to evaluate your needs, budget, and goals to establish the best marketing automation tools for your business. We can provide the necessary resources and training necessary to intelligently and effectively maintain your marketing approach. 


Marketing Automation Services 

  • Auditing and Evaluation
  • Reporting and Metrics
  • Campaign Execution
  • CRM Integration
  • Strategy Guidance
  • Lead Scoring and Nurturing
  • Training and Resources

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