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The iPad & Mindgrub

Since the wildly popular iPad made its debut in April 2010, portable, touch-friendly tablets have become a bigger part of our lives. Today, over twenty-two percent of all U.S. adults own tablets. In the near future, experts predict that the tablet market is poised to go through a “hyper-growth” period as more and more consumers find interest in the increasing everyday applications for tablets. That means it’s the right time to explore iPad app development for your business or organization.

The iPad is a highly adaptable platform that can be used as a productivity tool in business, an educational gadget for mobile learning, a device for location-based digital exploration and an entertainment platform. As an iPad app creator, we have the ability to develop iPad applications for a large variety of uses and industries.

Mindgrub is one of the largest professional iOS developers in the Mid-Atlantic region and has been providing iOS development services since the iPhone was introduced into the consumer tech landscape in 2007. As an iPad app developer that has created custom iPad apps and games, we work closely with our clients to carry projects through the app development lifecycle and beyond.

Whether your company is interested in custom iPad app development for a business-to-business solution to increase productivity or a business-to-customer solution to boost online sales, Mindgrub can create a custom iPad app that will work for your specific goals.

iPad App Development Services

  • Custom iPad apps
  • Location Based Services
  • Open GL Graphics
  • iOS 8 and Backward Compatibility
  • Social Media Configuration
  • iPad Games

More About the iPad

The iPad was originally released to the public in April of 2010 and is currently on its fourth-generation. Utilizing Apple’s iOS operating system, the iPad is able to run apps, location based services, and other mobile software just as the iPhone does.

The iPad has gained popularity as a sales presentation tool for enterprise companies and has also made its way into classrooms. In fact, the iPad is shaping the way we do business and has become a large part of contemporary curriculum development.

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