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The iPhone was not the first smartphone, but it was the first smartphone that revolutionized the way we stay connected to the internet. Its use of a multi-touch system and quad-band GSM connectivity provides users with access to information instantly. Today, you can partner with an iPhone app development company to build your mobile marketing and sales strategy.

With its popularity in the consumer phone market, the iPhone boosted the mobile app market through its dedicated app store. The rapid development of iPhone apps has also encouraged the development of apps on competitor smartphone operating systems, like Android. Mobile is no longer the future, it’s the present. Now is the time to capitalize on the iPhone app market.

Mindgrub provides iPhone app development and creates iPhone apps that help educational institutions, government agencies, enterprise brands, news providers, and well-funded startups connect with their target audience. With experience in a variety of mobile operating systems, Mindgrub provides mobile application development for iOS, Android, and Windows.

As an iPhone app developer, we execute a strategic process across our user experience, design, and development teams to create solutions that appeal to your target user markets. Whether you need a mobile learning app or a highly immersive business tool, Mindgrub has experience creating mobile games apps, social sharing apps, and location-based mapping apps.

iPhone App Development Services

  • Custom Apps
  • Location-Based Services
  • User Interface Design
  • iOS 8 and Backward Compatibility
  • Mobile Design
  • Native App Development
  • iBeacon Integration
  • Social Media Integration

More about iPhone

The iPhone was released in 2007 and quickly became one the most sought after technical inventions of the 21st century, and undoubtedly set the standard for the smartphone market. Since its first release, Apple has evolved their iOS to support mobile gaming, powerful data streaming, advanced retina display, and location-based services.

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