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User experience takes some detective work.

Research, Discovery, & Mindgrub

The research and discovery stage takes place to find user and client goals before any other action is taken. Market research can be used to correlate the end software result with findings from the data collection process. This method keeps us on track from beginning to end.

Mindgrub uses two main methods to go about this process: user research and competitor analysis. There are many ways to collect consumer data, including, but not limited to card sorting, interviews, focus groups, surveys, and more.

There is no single, perfect cut-and-dry way to conduct user research, as clients’ needs differ between projects. We perform regular competitor analysis to keep our own marketing methods up to date. Research and Discovery is a field that is wide-open for any interpretation. Mindgrub’s method varies from client-to-client in order to meet their needs the best way possible.

Research & Discovery Services

  • Market Research
  • Data Analysis
  • User Research
  • Content Inventory
  • User Goals
  • Consumer Data

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