Usability Testing

Observe real life interaction.

Usability Testing & Mindgrub

One of the most important aspects of our user experience development is task analysis usability testing. Through this step we can see how everyday users might interact with our product. Our process includes task creation, script writing, recruiting, execution, and analysis. Clients may participate in a “viewing party” event or simply receive event recordings. 

Task analysis involves bringing in possible users and having them try to complete specific tasks within the product. Through this process, the User Experience team will note any areas that provide difficulty for the user. Task analysis user testing can be performed on existing products, wireframes, or developed prototypes at various points in the project. Clients will either be presented a report detailing the test data or they can participate in a “viewing party” to watch recorded/live test sessions. 

Usability Testing Services

  • Task Analysis
  • Interaction Design
  • User-Experience Development
  • Market Research
  • "Viewing Party"

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