User Stories

Outline desired user actions.

User Stories & Mindgrub

User stories are the end result of user persona research. These are one-line (or at least very short) statements of what a user persona might want from the software that Mindgrub is creating. First, it displays the role of the consumer, then what they desire from the software, and finally why they might desire this feature.

The other side of user stories is acceptance criteria. After determining the feature or aspect to the software that must be added, the solution is provided through acceptance criteria. This acceptance criteria is incredibly important because it tells our developers and IA architects what exactly they should accomplish. Mindgrub incorporates this step to promote discussion amongst the developers and, in the end, create a better product.

User Stories Services

  • Software Development
  • Product Management
  • User Research
  • Authenticated User
  • New User
  • Acceptance Criteria

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