Adashi Google Glass App

A Google Glass app that helps heros fight fire


Client Challenge

Adashi, a leading provider of incident management software, wanted to seamlessly integrate Google Glass technology into their product offerings and current proprietary software. Their goal was to give first responders, like firefighters or paramedics, a hands-free solution to actively report and manage critical incidents.

Our Solution

Mindgrub worked with Adashi’s team to develop a prototype application for firefighters. These first responders would use the Google Glass app to view floor plans or building schematics. Mindgrub used a combination of third-party libraries and custom code to translate imagery and data into the proper format. This solution allowed data to be smoothly moved from Adashi-side systems to the Google Glass interface. This prototype will help lay the groundwork for a standard, industry-wide system to safely help first responders do their jobs in a more streamlined manner. 

More features

Google Glass
Windows .NET

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