Creating an Intuitive Portal to Match Patients with the Right Providers


“Since launching the Agent Portal, health plans, advocacy groups and other care delivery models have found significant value in their agents’ ability to now access high quality physician navigation services. The feedback on how intuitive the product is and how seamlessly it works has been outstanding across the board.”

~Susan Torroella, COO, ArmadaHealth

ArmadaHealth combines big data analytics and expert clinical insights to provide consumers with a trusted and accurate source of information when choosing their physicians.

QualityCare ConnectSM is ArmadaHealth’s flagship product that helps users navigate the healthcare system. In making their platform extensible as an outsourced process to healthcare organizations with consumer-facing call centers and care coordinators, ArmadaHealth worked with Mindgrub to develop an enterprise-grade, web-based software platform: the Agent Portal. Our goal was to create a portal that was:

  • Scalable and robust
  • Seamlessly integrated with other systems used by agents
  • Intuitive for users of various skill levels
  • Customizable, allowing for additional roles and features to support new requirements
  • Designed in compliance with AKF Scale Cube
  • Highly secure; compliant with stringent security performance requirements
  • Live within a predetermined time frame (thus requiring a relatively quick development cycle)

During our Discovery session and stakeholder interviews, we delved into the ArmadaHealth team’s pain points with the existing system and their goals for the new one.

Our approach was based on a combination of technical and business necessity. The final system included:

  • Bundled user interface (UI) layers that provide flexibility for future use
  • GraphQL for data-driven APIs and to reveal a single endpoint to the UI
  • Salesforce integration
  • Custom agent, administrative, and account services to meet specific business functionality needs

The updated Agent Portal positions ArmadaHealth as a leader in improving outcomes in the healthcare industry. By creating a more cohesive, convenient, and intuitive experience, they are able to connect a high volume of patients with care that can transform their lives.

More features

Web portal
Bundled UI layers
Data privacy & security

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