Catapult Mobile App

Supporting a cause that Beyonce believes in


Client Challenge

Women Deliver was launching the first crowdfunding platform dedicated to supporting projects that advance the lives of girls and women around the world. This platform, named Catapult, needed a desktop and mobile presence that would help source donations for worthy causes. The Catapult website also needed to handle a heavy traffic load to support viral campaigns and celebrity endorsements from people such as Bill and Melinda Gates, Madonna, Sarah Silverman, and Beyonce.

Our Solution

Mindgrub developed with the Drupal content management system. To achieve optimum performance, the website utilized a variety of caching mechanisms, such as Varnish, Memcache, and Content Delivery Networks. Performance testing and load balancing was implemented to support surges in website traffic. In short, popular viral campaigns wouldn’t slow down online donation activity. Mindgrub also created a custom workflow for non-profit partners to submit applications to be approved by Catapult. This workflow also allowed celebrities to curate projects for funding. To allow data transfer, Mindgrub used exposed APIs to allow user information to be automatically synced between Catapult and its parent organization, Chime for Change.

More features

Exposed API
Social Share Integration

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