Empowering students to make the leap from high school to college


Client Challenge

CollegeSnapps, a start up company, facilitates the transition from high school to college by providing students with a direct connection to advisors. With an initial application, CollegeSnapps felt that the application didn’t meet all of its needs. Ultimately, CollegeSnapps wanted to improve their mobile app and execute it on the already existing mobile application. To identify areas of improvement, CollegeSnapps sought out Mindgrub for a code audit.

Our Solution

Mindgrub provided CollegeSnapps with an improved mobile application of their services. After an initial audit, Mindgrub immediately began an update to the application’s dashboard to improve overall functionality and user experience of the messaging system. This update ensured accuracy when sending and receiving messages. Additionally, Mindgrub worked on the visual design of the application so that the colors and design fit cohesively with the brand image and the industry at large. After all improvements were implemented, CollegeSnapps had iOS and Android mobile applications with user appeal.

More features

Paths Dashboard
In-app Messaging

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