Curiosityville Web Games

Teaching young children with games


Client Challenge

Curiosityville is a rich online learning environment for children. The founders of this interactive business needed a development team that had experience working with education systems. This same partner would need to understand the unique challenges of developing learning-focused games. The gamification aspect is not just added for fun. Each game shows a child’s progress, touches on key learning goals and involves parents in a meaningful way.

Our Solution

Working closely with the Curiosityville team, Mindgrub developed and designed web games to teach art, math, science, and reading. Each game would feature Curiosityville’s fun and loveable cast of characters. The games, built using Adobe Flash, were tailored to scaffold in difficulty as usage increased. Mindgrub utilized advanced data modeling and a custom learning management system to track a child’s engagement. Above all, we achieved our goal of making the game fun and education for children.

More features

Exposed API
Statistical Modeling
Content Import & Export
Advanced Data Modeling
Learning Management System

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