Helping Kenyans access vital services


Client Challenge

Danya is an agency that works with government organizations to build health and education technology solutions. For Kenya natives, Danya created a portal for citizens to access information regarding the location of important services such as AIDS testing, clean water, vaccination centers, general medical clinics, and more. To further Kenya’s goal of better informing their constituents of where to access these services, Danya engaged Mindgrub to create a more intuitive and engaging experience for citizens to be able to locate centers via an interactive mapping tool.

Our Solution

After working with Danya on its vision, Mindgrub successfully delivered Kenya’s Civil Society Portal for Health. Mindgrub’s work led to more users engaging with the site, enabling them to find and use publically available services. Mindgrub teamed up with a third party data provider for raw XML feeds to evaluate and obtain information on Kenyan counties. By doing so, these feeds compiled information to show Kenyan citizens important available services in certain areas. The updated code implemented into the portal integrated seamlessly into the existing responsive website. Mindgrub also wrote custom JavaScript to transition backend code to frontend.

More features

Location Based Services
Data Visualization
Google Maps Integration

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